Trekking & Hiking of Tibet
Trekking & Hiking of Tibet

Trekking in Tibet has it's own advantage. Travelers will experience the breath taking grandeur and beauty of nature on the Tibet. The best time for trekking is May to July and Sep. to October. August is rainy season. Popular trekking places includes Kailash, Rongbuk in Everest area, Namsto Lake, Ganden and Samye, Eastern Tibet, Kharta etc.

Most trekking is conducted in the center of the country in the vicinity of the major towns and highways. Cities such as Lhasa and Shigatse provide bases from which to equip and lunch treks.

Eastern and much part of central Tibet are laced with large mountain ranges, towering passes and deep valleys and gorges. Western and northern Tibet are even higher, but between the mountains are expansive valleys and plains that can take days to traverse.

Program of Trekking & Hiking
Mount Kailash Trekking

Mount Kailash Trekking

A trip to Mount Kailash has always been regarded as a pilgrimage although its a quite adventurous one. Whether you drive for seven days or walk for six days, it is still not possible to make a quick, easy visit to Mount Kailash or Manasarovar but once you are there, you will realize that its worth doing it. The tour is designed to provide some insight into Tibet and i ... View Detail
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